The college recognizes that regular attendance is the student’s responsibility. Instructors evaluate the lack of attendance in terms of the course requirements and take reasonable course of action, including but not limited to, dropping students for no show. A class missed due to required participation in a verified school activity will not be considered an absence. Students who miss class or are absent for any reason, are still responsible for completing all course requirements. When the number of class hours absent exceeds the number of course credits, the instructor has the authority to send a notice to the student as a warning and/or refer the student to his/her advisor.

Students who stop attending yet do not withdraw from the class may earn a failing grade. Once the Withdraw period has elapsed, if the number of class hours absent exceeds twice the number of course credits and it would not be possible for the student to pass the course, the instructor has the authority to fail the student in the course. The student would not be allowed to take the final exam if a final grade has been issued.