Credit Enrollment Limits

Every student has a unique set of circumstances: academic preparation, skills and abilities, drive and self-motivation, family and work responsibilities, etc. The number of credits students should enroll in depends on many of these factors, as well as on the type and level of difficulty of classes in which they intend to enroll. For some students 15 credits could be considered a full load, while others may be able to successfully complete more credits a semester. Registering in too many credits may result in lower performance.

Degree-seeking students who want to register in more than 20 credits during a fall or spring semester, or more than 10 credits in the summer semester will need the approval of their major advisor. Non-degree seeking students will need the approval of an Instructional Dean in the Office of Instruction and Academic Affairs.

Students receiving financial aid should also keep in mind financial aid regulations when deciding on the number of credits in which they should enroll.