Course Names, Core, and Degree Requirements

Name Description Department
ACCT Accounting Business
ACCB Accounting/Bookkeeping Business
ADDS Addiction Studies Health Science & Human Services
ADMN Administrative Assistant Information Technology
ADUE Adult Education, Basic Special Programs
AETC Automation Engineering Technology Trade & Industry
AGRI Agriculture Agriculture
AIRC Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heating Trade & Industry
ALLH Allied Health Health Science & Human Services
ANTH Anthropology Social Science
AQUA Aquaculture Agriculture
ARTS Art Visual, Performing, and Liberal Arts
AUTB Collision Repair Technology Trade & Industry
ASEP Automotive Service Educational Program Trade & Industry
BAKE Baking and Pastry Arts Business
BIOL Biology Biology and Computer Science
BUSA Business Administration Business
BUSM Business Management Business
CABW Cabinetmaking/Woodworking Trade & Industry
CHEM Chemistry Physical Science
CISA Computer Information Systems–Applications Information Technology
CISG Computer Information Systems–Graphics Information Technology
CISS Computer Information Systems–Support Information Technology
CISW IT Development and Security Information Technology
COMM Communication Social Science
COMP Computer Courses Special Programs
COMS Computer Science Biology and Computer Science
CRIJ Criminal Justice Social Science
CULA Culinary Arts Business
DANC Dance Visual, Performing, and Liberal Arts
DENA Dental Assistant Health Science & Human Services
DENH Dental Hygiene Health Science & Human Services
DIET Diesel Technology Trade & Industry
DRAT Drafting Technology Trade & Industry
EARC Early Childhood Education Education
ECON Economics Business
EDUC Education Education
EDUA Education Assistant Education
EMEM Emergency Medical Technology Health Science & Human Services
ENGI Engineering Mathematics & Engineering
ENGL English English, Languages & Philosophy
ENGS English as a Second Language Special Programs
EQUS Equine Studies Agriculture
FINA Finance Business
FIRS Fire Service Technology Special Programs
FPTC Food Processing Technology Agriculture
FREN French English, Languages & Philosophy
GEOG Geography Social Science
GEOL Geology Physical Science
GNED General Education General Education
HACT Activities, Health Recreation, and Fitness Health, Recreation, and Fitness
HLTH Academic Health, Recreation and Fitness Health, Recreation, and Fitness
HREC Outdoor Recreation Health, Recreation, and Fitness
HIST History Social Science
HONS Honors Special Programs
HORT Horticulture Agriculture
HOSM Hospitality Management Business
HUMA Humanities English, Languages & Philosophy
INSS Instructional Support Special Programs
INTE Intensive English Special Programs
INTD Interdisciplinary Studies Visual, Performing, and Liberal Arts
ISMT Industrial Systems Maintenance Technology Agriculture
JAPN Japanese English, Languages & Philosophy
LAWE Law Enforcement Social Science
LIIS Library and Information Science Library and Information Science
MANT Machining & Manufacturing Trade & Industry
MATH Mathematics Mathematics & Engineering
MEDA Medical Assistant Health Science & Human Services
MUSA Music Lessons Visual, Performing, and Liberal Arts
MUSI Music Visual, Performing, and Liberal Arts
NURP Nursing, Practical Health Science & Human Services
NURR Nursing, Registered Health Science & Human Services
PARA Paramedic Health Science & Human Services
PHIL Philosophy English, Languages & Philosophy
PHYS Physics Physical Science
POLS Political Science Social Science
PORT Portuguese English, Languages & Philosophy
PSYC Psychology Social Science
RADT Radiologic Technology Health Science & Human Services
READ Reading Special Programs
SIGL American Sign Language English, Languages & Philosophy
SOCW Social Work Social Science
SOCY Sociology Social Science
SOLR Solar Agriculture
SPAN Spanish English, Languages & Philosophy
STUS Study Skills Special Programs
SUFA Surgical First Assistant Health Science & Human Services
SURT Surgical Technology Health Science & Human Services
THEA Theatre Visual, Performing, and Liberal Arts
VETT Veterinary Technology Agriculture
WATR Water Resource Management Agriculture
WELD Welding Technology Trade & Industry
WIND Wind Energy Technology Agriculture