EagleMail - Student e-mail

E-mail is the primary means of written communication with CSI students. Students automatically get a CSI e-mail account when they register for credit courses. Student e mail addresses have the following format: username@eaglemail.csi.edu. Students can access their CSI e-mail accounts from any computer with Internet connection by going to www.csi.edu and clicking on the Webmail link. Before students can use their EagleMail accounts, they must first activate their accounts. For more information visit www.csi.edu/webmail.

Students are expected to check their CSI e-mail accounts regularly as they receive official communications via e-mail from their instructors and from various offices such as Financial Aid, Admissions, Office of the Registrar, Business Office, etc. It is the students’ responsibility to check their CSI e-mail accounts regularly. Failing to do so will result in missing messages and deadlines. It is also the students’ responsibility to make sure that their mailboxes are not full in order to ensure that important messages do not bounce back.

Students who enroll in online classes are advised to send an e-mail to their instructors to find out how to access the online course.