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Dr Jett Fox PictureThis academic year marks the College of Southern Idaho’s 50th year. You are joining a proud group of alumni who have attended CSI, and I welcome you! I am excited you are joining us here at CSI, an amazing college renowned for its outstanding faculty, a welcoming and beautiful campus, excellent professional-technical programs, and fully articulated transfer degrees with all public post-secondary institutions in Idaho and beyond.

This catalog is your road map to CSI, containing names and contact information for CSI faculty and staff who will work with you throughout your studies. It also contains detailed information for college admission, advice on how to plan your educational objectives, and how to enroll in courses and programs. There is information about opportunities for federal financial aid and various scholarships. Here, you will also find information about campus life and events, and guides to the many services offered to students of the College of Southern Idaho.

I encourage you to use the catalog and the many resources it provides. You can also access the online version of this catalog at

Feel free to ask for assistance or additional information from anyone on campus. We are proud and honored to help and to be a part of your educational journey and transformation.

Best Wishes,

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Dr. Jeff Fox

President of College of Southern Idaho

Education is the opportunity for transformation.