Information Technology

Computer Use Policy

The Computer Use Policy guides students and employees in the acceptable use of computing systems, devices, services, and information provided by the College of Southern Idaho (CSI).

CSI is committed to protecting our students, employees, and community constituents from illegal and harmful acts, either intended or unintended, when using our computing resources. Anyone accessing technology devices, systems, networks, data, software, or services that are owned, managed, or operated by CSI do so with acceptance of certain responsibilities and obligations defined by college policies and procedures, and local, state, and federal laws. Acceptable use is ethical, non-offensive, reflects academic honesty, and shows restraint in the consumption of shared resources. It demonstrates respect for intellectual property, ownership of information, system security, and individual rights to privacy and to freedom from intimidation and harassment.

The Computer Use Policy can be accessed online at:

Student Communications

Email is the primary delivery mechanism for all written communication with CSI students. Students automatically receive a CSI mailbox account when registering for credit courses. Student email addresses have the following format: Students can access their CSI email accounts from any computer with Internet access by navigating to, choosing Current Students, and selecting Webmail from the menu. For more information visit

Students are expected to check their CSI mailbox regularly for official communications sent from instructors and other campus offices. All students are responsible for checking for and reading important messages, and maintaining the mailbox to prevent the mailbox from filling up or causing messages from bouncing. 

Students who enroll in online classes are advised to send an e-mail to their instructors to find out how to access the online course.


MyCSI is a secure online portal dedicated for use by students at CSI. This portal provides access to important information about course schedules, adding/dropping courses, checking account balances, checking grades, accessing official and unofficial transcripts, contacting advisors, and more! This portal also provides students with full access to Office 365 applications on up to 15 devices (5 desktops, 5 tablets, and 5 smart phones). Access to Office 365 is valid throughout the duration of enrollment for all active students.

Visit and login with your student mailbox account for complete access.

Online Coursework

To facilitate the delivery and access to course content, CSI utilizes an online learning management system (LMS). This system enables instructors to post their syllabi, class notes, PowerPoint presentations, handouts, quizzes and tests, grades, etc., to assist students through the course sequence. Some courses are completely delivered through the online LMS whereas other courses may supplement the traditional face-to-face class time with an LMS component.

Online Course Evaluation

CSI uses an online course evaluation system for students to provide feedback on most of their courses. All students enrolled in courses being evaluated are encouraged to fill out the online form for each course included in the survey. Faculty members and administration rely on the feedback to continually improve CSI’s courses and offer the best possible experience for students. Evaluations are anonymous and confidential; faculty members are not given access to the survey results until after grades have been posted. Students will be notified by email and/or their instructors when evaluations are available.