Student Code of Conduct

The College of Southern Idaho promotes behavioral standards that create a positive environment in which students can learn, work, and live. The Student Code of Conduct is intended to help create and preserve this positive environment in support of the institution’s mission, educational philosophy, purposes, and functions; to foster students’ educational and civic development; and to protect the people, properties, systems, and processes that support the College.

Attending college is optional and voluntary. Students voluntarily assume obligations of performance and behavior established by the College. At the College of Southern Idaho, student members of the College community are expected to uphold and abide by certain standards of conduct that form the basis of the Student Code of Conduct. These standards are embodied within a set of core values that include integrity, fairness, respect, community, and responsibility. The College reserves the right to take necessary and appropriate action to protect the safety and well-being of the College community and maintain order and discipline on College property. Each member of the College community is expected to assume responsibility for his/her conduct and to assume reasonable responsibility for the behavior of others. The College does not assume parental responsibility for the conduct of its students. Membership in the College community does not provide immunity from the laws and standards of local, state or federal jurisdictions.

All students of the College have certain responsibilities and obligations to the institution and to members of the College community. Student responsibilities and obligations include:

The responsibility to be fully acquainted and comply with all published College policies and procedures.

The obligation to comply with state, federal, and local laws and regulations.

The responsibility for assuming the consequences of one’s own actions and reasonable responsibility for the behavior of others.

The responsibility to recognize that their actions reflect upon the entire College community.

The obligation to respect the rights and property of others, including other students, faculty, staff, administration, and the College. The obligation to refrain from conduct that violates or adversely affects the rights of other members of the College community and/or the institution.

The responsibility to provide proper identification upon request from College officials.

The responsibility to cooperate with College officials in the performance of their duties.

The responsibility to ensure that the conduct of persons who come to visit them at the College complies with the rules and regulations of the College.

All CSI students are responsible for having read and abiding by the provisions of the Student Code of Conduct. Students can access the complete Student Code of Conduct online at

The Code includes the rules, regulations, policies, procedures, sanctions, appeals, and emergency actions that can be taken for violations of the Code.