Major Department BTC ITC AAS AA AE AS BAS 
Accounting/Bookkeeping* Business  
Administrative Assistant* Business
Agribusiness* Agriculture
Agriculture* Agriculture  
Air Cond - Refrig & Heat* Trade and Industry  
American Sign Language English, Languages & Philosophy  
Animal Science* Agriculture
Animal Science - Livestock Technician* Agriculture  
Anthropology Social Science  
Aquaculture* Agriculture  
Art - Visual Visual and Performing Arts  
Collision Repair Technology* Trade and Industry  
Automation Engineering Technology* Trade and Industry  
Automotive - ASEP* Trade and Industry  
Baking and Pastry Arts* Business  
Biology Biology & Computer Science  
General Business Business  
Business Mgmt./Entrepreneur* Business  
Cabinetmaking/Woodworking* Trade and Industry  
Certified Nursing Assistant Health Science and Human Services •             
Chemistry Physical Science  
Communication Social Science  
Computer Science Biology & Computer Science  
Computer Support Technician* Business  
Criminal Justice Social Science  
Culinary Arts* Business  
Dance Visual and Performing Arts  
Dental Assistant* Health Science and Human Services  
Dental Hygiene* Health Science and Human Services  
Diesel Technology* Trade and Industry  
Digital Media* Visual and Performing Arts  
Drafting Technology* Trade and Industry  
Economics Business  
Early Childhood Education* Education  
Education Education  
Emergency Medical Services* Health Science and Human Services  
Engineering Mathematics & Engineering  
English English, Languages & Philosophy  
Equine Business Management* Agriculture  
Equine Studies* Agriculture  
Fire Service Technology* Special Programs  
Food Processing Technology* Agriculture  •
Geology Physical Science  
Geospatial Technology Agriculture  
Health Science Health Science and Human Services
History Social Science  
Horticulture* Agriculture  
Hospitality Management* Business  
Cyber Security and Programming * Business  
Industrial Systems Maintenance Technology* Trade and Industry  
Law Enforcement* Social Science  
Liberal Arts General and Liberal Arts  
Library and Information Science Library and Information Science  
Machining & Manufacturing Technology* Trade and Industry  
Mathematics Mathematics & Engineering  
Medical Assistant* Health Science and Human Services  
Music Visual and Performing Arts  
Natural Resources Management Agriculture  
Network Systems Technician* Business  
Nursing - Practical* Health Science and Human Services  
Nursing - Registered Health Science and Human Services  
Outdoor Recreation Leadership Special Programs •  •     •      
Pharmacy (Pre) Physical Science  
Physics Physical Science  
Political Science Social Science  
Psychology Social Science  
Radiologic Technology* Health Science and Human Services  
Renewable Energy Systems Technology* Trade and Industry  
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Physical Science  
Social Work Social Science  
Sociology Social Science  
Spanish English, Languages & Philosophy  
Surgical First Assistant* Health Science and Human Services  
Surgical Technology* Health Science and Human Services  
Surgical/Central Sterile Proc Tech* Health Science and Human Services  
Theatre Visual and Performing Arts  
Veterinary Technology* Agriculture  
Water Resource Management* Agriculture  
Welding Technology* Trade and Industry  

* Additional Program Admission Requirements in place

BTC – Basic Technical Certificate AA – Associate of Arts  BAS - Bachelor of Applied Science
ITC – Intermediate Technical Certificate AE – Associate of Engineering  
AAS – Associate of Applied Science AS – Associate of Science