Aquaculture, Intermediate Technical Certificate

Program Outcomes:

Culture fish throughout their life cycle, from egg to adult, using best practices that are consistent with industry standards, to ensure a healthy, high quality final product.

Selectively breed and manage two strains of rainbow trout to ensure proper numbers for future production.

Use best management practices and current equipment to ensure proper feeding and nutrition of fish.

Monitor, sample, and use best management practices to ensure effluent water complies with the Clean Water Act and our NPDES permit.

Effectively operate and incorporate necessary technology such as pumps, heaters, and various meters to ensure production water quality parameters are met.

Identify pathogens and diseases and implement proper control procedures when necessary.

Develop and implement a management strategy to track inventory, expenses, and income to determine profit or loss of a crop.

Use and maintain common equipment and machinery used in industry.

Set up, load and haul fish to processing plants, private ponds, and various waters within the state.

Major Code: 4115T

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**Alternative plans of study available by contacting your advisor

Required Courses

Fall Semester Freshman Year

AQUA 101Fisheries Management 1

3 Credits

AQUA 101LFisheries Management 1 Lab

1 Credit

AQUA 102Diseases of Fish 1

3 Credits

AQUA 103Fish Nutrition 1

3 Credits

AQUA 104Practicum I

3 Credits

MATH GEAny Gen. Ed. Math Course

3 Credits

CISA 115Introduction to Spreadsheets

1 Credit

Total Credit Hours:17

Spring Semester Freshman Year

AQUA 201Fisheries Management 2

4 Credits

AQUA 202Diseases of Fish 2

3 Credits

AQUA 203Fish Nutrition 2

3 Credits

AQUA 204Practicum 2

3 Credits

AQUA 205Water Quality in Aquaculture

2 Credits


ENGL 101Writing and Rhetoric I

3 Credits


COMM GEAny Gen. Ed Oral Comm. Course

3 Credits

Total Credit Hours:18

Summer Semester Freshman Year

SOCS GEAny Gen. Ed. Social and Behavioral Way of Knowing Course

3 Credits

Total Credit Hours:3

*Prerequisite or corequisite required

Total Credit Hours: 38