Equine Studies

Program Manager:

Jim Knight


(208) 732-6414



Focus Area Advisor:

Catrina Chapple





Program Overview:

This program prepares students to work in many aspects of the horse industry and it prepares students for managing their own horses. This program will equip the student with a solid foundation in horse health, anatomy, breeding and nutrition and other topics vital to employment in today’s equine industry.

Gainful Employment:

Gainful Employment data for this program may be found on the department web page: https://www.csi.edu/ge/Equine

Program Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the Equineprogram, a student will be able to:

  1. Classify, evaluate, select, and manage horses based on anatomical and physiological characteristics.
  2. Evaluate a horse’s body condition and identify the common causes of unsoundness and possible treatments.
  3. Identify the bones and muscles of the horse and their location and insertion points.
  4. Explain the scientific principles of equine reproduction and the process of fetal development.
  5. Provide the proper health care for horses including disease prevention and minor treatment procedures.
  6. Apply principles of horse nutrition to ensure the proper growth, development, reproduction and economic production of horses.
  7. Apply principles of business including management, marketing, tax issues, contracts, and insurance.

Program Requirements for Admission:

Program Application Required

Career Information:

Animal Trainers