Food Processing Technology, Intermediate Technical Certificate

Program Outcomes:

Identify career opportunities in the local food processing and support industries through tours and guest speakers.

Develop a thorough understanding of how the different pieces of food processing equipment functions and how to troubleshoot.

Understand the importance of safety and the many elements of safety in a manufacturing plant.

Understand the different elements of sanitation in a food processing plant

Understand the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and how to develop and manage the HACCP plans for the food processing facility

Major Code: 4121T

Gainful employment data for this program may be found on the department web page:

**Alternative plans of study available by contacting your advisor

Fall Semester Freshman Year

MATH GEAny Gen. Ed. Math Course

3 Credits

SCIG GEAny Gen. Ed. Science Course

4 Credits

FPTC 101Career Exploration in Manufacturing

1 Credit

FPTC 130Sanitation in Food Processing

3 Credits

FPTC 160General Industry Safety

3 Credits

Total Credit Hours:14

Spring Semester Freshman Year

FPTC 140Intro to Food Tech and Processing

4 Credits

FPTC 165Lean Manufacturing

3 Credits

FPTC 170Intro to Equip in Food Processing

3 Credits

SOCS GEAny Gen. Ed. Social and Behavioral Way of Knowing Course

3 Credits

COMM GEAny Gen. Ed Oral Comm. Course

3 Credits

Total Credit Hours:16

Total Credit Hours: 30