Withdrawing From Classes

Withdrawing from classes may result in changes to financial aid eligibility and award amounts. Students should speak with a financial aid advisor before withdrawing from classes. For instructions on how to withdraw see the registration section of the catalog.

Return to Title IV Funds

Federal regulations outline refund procedures for students who do not complete the semester.

Withdraw Date -- if a student enrolls in classes but decides not to continue attending classes at CSI, they must complete an official withdraw from classes immediately.

Repayment Obligations -- if a student receive federal financial aid and do not attend classes, the student must repay all Federal financial aid for which they did not establish eligibility. If a student attends classes, CSI will calculate repayment based on their withdraw date or last date of attendance, the type and amount of federal financial aid they received, and the institutional charges on their account.

Refund Amounts -- regulations provide for calculation of the amount CSI must return to Title IV programs. The student may need to repay CSI for amounts the college is required to return to federal financial aid programs. This amount may be in excess of the amount that the student owes to the federal programs. The portion of the CSI refund that is greater than what must be returned to scholarships or the U.S. Department of Education will be given to the student.