Tuition Loan Agreements

Students enrolled in credit courses who cannot pay their tuition and fees in full by the due date (end of late registration, first Friday of the term) may get an extension on their tuition due date by completing a Tuition Loan Agreement. A processing fee of $50 and 1/3 of the account balance must be paid at the time the Tuition Loan Agreement is signed. The original loan agreement must be signed by the student in person and then payments made according to the schedule on the Tuition Loan Agreement. Tuition Loan Agreements may also be done in the summer semester. Due to the shortened length, 1/2 tuition plus the $50 processing fee will be required at the time of signing. The final payment will be due the 5th week of the semester. The payment schedule will be listed on the Tuition Loan Agreement and all payments must be made by the specified due date(s). There is no grace period. Any funds coming into the college whether it is financial aid, family contributions, or outside scholarships will first be applied to the student account against tuition, fees, room and board.

Students may not register for a future term until their accounts are paid in full.