Program Manager:

Raquel Arenz


(208) 732-6853


Student Success Advisor Name:

Kristin Becker

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Program Overview:

The Spanish major emphasizes oral, listening, and writing skills in order to acquire basic structures of the language. In addition, students study idioms and vocabulary used in ordinary situations. These courses provide an introduction to cultures, especially as cultures are reflected in language choice.

Spanish majors may pursue baccalaureate degrees in their area, and may also enter any number of professions including careers in translation, interpreting, research, teaching, business, and international relations. Further, students may use their language skills in bilingual activities in various professions such as teaching, health sciences, social services, and criminal justice, to name a few.

Completion of the following courses is designed to result in an associate degree, and meets the general education requirements at all Idaho public universities, Course selection should be coordinated to meet requirements for your intended transfer institution.

Career Information:

Postsecondary Foreign Language and Literature Teachers; Interpreters and Translators

*Talk to an advisor for additional career choices