Emergency Medical Services, Intermediate Technical Certificate

Program Outcomes:

Recognize and perform in the role, function, and responsibilities of an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) in both the emergency care and operational aspects of EMT’s in the health care delivery system as defined by the Idaho Bureau of EMS, and the National Registry of EMT’s.

Safely demonstrate competence in patient assessment and in skills as referenced to the current National EMS Education Standards for Emergency Medical Technicians and the State of Idaho Training Standards.

Use effective communication skills in written and verbal situations.

Apply legal and ethical principles in a variety of situations.

Recognize and properly respond to the affective needs of the patient.

Demonstrate competence in the use and care of the equipment required for optimum patient care and safety.

Major Code: 4408T

Pre-Admission Program Requirements

Current NREMT Certification

Post-Admission Program Requirements

ALLH 100Introduction to Allied Health

2 Credits

ALLH 101Medical Terminology

2 Credits

BIOL 227Human Anatomy & Physiology 1*

4 Credits

BIOL 228Human Anatomy & Physiology 2*

4 Credits

COMM 101Fundamentals of Oral Communication

3 Credits

ENGL 101Writing and Rhetoric I

3 Credits

MATH GEAny Gen. Ed. Math Course

3 Credits

PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology

3 Credits

EMSE 151Advanced Emergency Medical Technician*

4 credits

EMSE 151CAdvanced Emergency Medical Technician Clinic*

3 credits

EMSE 151LAdvanced Emergency Medical Technician Lab*

3 credits

SAFE 110Introduction to Emergency Operations

2 credits

SAFE 120Introduction to Emergency Vehicle Operations

1 credit

SAFE 130Introduction Emergency Radio Communications

1 credit

*Prerequisite or Corequisite required

Total Credit Hours: 38