Library and Information Science


Program Manager:

Steve Poppino


(208) 732-6504


Student Success Advisor Name:

Kristin Becker

Student Advisor Phone:


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Program Overview:

The Library and Information Science program prepares students to enter careers in library and information professions, promotes information literacy in a technological and knowledge-based environment.

This program of study leads to an Associate of Arts degree. Some of our graduates will work as paraprofessionals (library technicians), while others may choose to continue their studies at various four-year institutions. Students intending to become professional librarians should consider pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in a subject of interest, then an American Library Association accredited MLS/MLIS degree. Requirements for school librarians (teacher librarians) vary from state to state, but generally include valid teaching credentials with a special endorsement or certification.

Although some courses in our program may be transferable to various four-year programs, transferability will depend on the specific requirements of the college in question. Students who plan on continuing their education in the field should talk to their advisor early in their academic career and will need to work closely on course selection with the institution to which they are planning to transfer.

Program Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the Library and Information Science program, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the basic elements of the four types of libraries.
  2. Show proficiency in copy cataloging all types of library materials according to relevant bibliographic control standards.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in the various technologies used in libraries
  4. Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of library reference services and use of reference resources.
  5. Show an introductory comprehension of copyright and intellectual property regulations. 
  6. Demonstrate knowledge and proficiency planning an informational search, and evaluating and citing search results.

Career Information:

Sample Career Opportunities: Library Technicians, School Media Specialist, Librarians

*Talk to an advisor for additional career choices