Residence Hall

The CSI dormitory, Eagle Hall, accommodates men and women in separate wings. Rooms are designed for either single or double occupancy and are conducive to successful academic progress. Each wing has an individual lounge. The first floor lobby includes an information desk, office, and the resident director’s apartment. An activity center and computer lab are also available to students. Each student’s room is provided with a study desk, lamp, bed, dresser, and chair. Students provide their own linen, blankets, pillow, towels, and other articles needed to add to the attractiveness of their rooms. Laundry facilities are available in each wing.

Dormitory applications are available online at:

Residing in campus housing is a privilege extended to the student by the college. The continuation of this privilege is dependent on reasonable and satisfactory personal conduct and proper care of the room to which the student is assigned. Compliance with all state, local, and college regulations is required of all students. These regulations are outlined in the Student Code of Conduct and the dormitory contract.

All dormitory residents are required to purchase a meal plan. For information regarding prices for room and board, contact the Eagle Hall Housing Office at (208) 732-6575 or online at

Room and board is paid in two installments. The first installment for the Fall term is due by July 1st, and the remaining balance must be paid by 5:00 p.m. the first day of the term. A $75 late fee will be assessed beginning on the second day of the term for any unpaid balance.

If a student moves out of the dorm during the term, money paid for room, board, and deposit will be forfeited for that term.