Machining and Manufacturing Technology, Intermediate Technical Certificate

Program Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the Machining & Manufacturing Technology Program, a student will be able to:

1. Demonstrate understanding of and safely operate a manual lathe.

2. Demonstrate understanding of and safely operate a manual milling machine.

3. Demonstrate understanding of and safely operate a CNC lathe.

4. Demonstrate understanding of and safely operate equipment related to a machine shop such as band saws, grinders, drill press, measuring devices

5. Demonstrate basic welding and shop fabrication skills as will be used in a general machine shop.

6. Demonstrate understanding of G-Code by writing programs for CNC lathes.

7. Produce 3D parts using sketching and CAD techniques using Solidworks.

8. Obtain the SolidWorks CSWA certification.

9. Demonstrate understanding of blueprints by successfully interpreting drawings to create toolpaths using Mastercam.

Major Code: 4584T

Gainful Employment data for this program may be found on the department web page:

**Alternative plans of study available by contacting your advisor

Fall Semester Freshman Year

MANT 105CAD Engineering Graphics*

2 Credits

MANT 120Blueprint Reading

1 credit

MANT 133Manual Machine Tool Theory*

3 credits

MANT 133LManual Machine Tool Lab*

4 credits

MANT 140CNC Set Up & Operation

2 credits

MATH GEAny Gen. Ed. Math Course

3 Credits

Total Credit Hours:15

Spring Semester Freshman Year

ENGL 101Writing and Rhetoric I

3 Credits

SOCS GEAny Social Science Course

3.00 Credits

WELD 151Welding Theory

2 Credits

MANT 106SolidWorks CSWA Cert. Prep.*

1 Credit

MANT 146Introduction to NC and CNC Lathe*

3 Credits


MANT 280Manufacturing Projects

1-8 Credits


MANT 285Cooperative Education

1-8 Credits

Total Credit Hours:15

*Prerequisite or Corequisite required

Total Credit Hours: 30