Culinary Arts


Program Manager:

Michael Johnson


(208) 732-6381


Focus Area Advisor:

JoAnn Schroedter


(208) 732-6228


Program Overview:

The Culinary Arts program is a technical program resulting in an Associate of Applied Science. This program provides culinary and hospitality education designed to prepare students for the many positions in the hospitality industry. Students will gain skills and knowledge in food preparation, nutrition, menu planning, sanitation, equipment operation, inventory control, purchasing, and front-of-the-house customer service skills.

Program Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the Culinary Arts program, a student will be able to:

  1. Immediately perform at entry level in a professional culinary work environment.

  2. Learn and effectively practice basic and advanced technical skills in food preparation and service.

  3. Understand the principles and practice of food safety, sanitation, identification, nutrition, purchasing and supervisory management in the foodservice industry.
  4. Gain experience in the proper use and maintenance of professional food service equipment.
  5. Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and professionalism to function effectively in a diverse and global organizational environment.
  6. Gain an appreciation for the history, evolution, and cultural diversity of culinary arts.

Program Requirements for Admission:

Program Application Required

Career Information:

First-Line Supervisors of Food Preparation and Serving Workers

*Talk to an advisor for additional career choices