Geospatial Technology


Program Manager:

Jeff Cooper


(208) 732-6405


Focus Area Advisor:

Catrina Chapple




Program Overview:

The Geospatial Technology program is designed for students who are interested in obtaining digital mapmaking skills desirable in an increasing number of fields. Students will learn the collection of spatial data through the use of global positioning systems (GPS), unmanned aerial systems (UAS), and the creation of maps with geographical information systems (GIS). This program is also designed to be complementary to students studying in agriculture, biology, anthropology, natural resource management, geology, social sciences, and other disciplines concerned with spatial information or currently employed individuals from those fields. 

Program Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the Geospatial program, a student will be able to:

  1. Operate industry standard GIS and remote sensing software packages, such as ESRI ArcMap, to an intermediate level of proficiency.
  2. Demonstrate accurate implementation of Geographical Positioning Systems (GPS) with GIS programs.
  3. Display safe and effective use of small aerial vehicles (drones).
  4. Demonstrate proper methods for field verification of digitized and classified data.
  5. Correlate and interpret spatial and remotely sensed data.
  6. Manage the coordination of data with GPS guided implements and other relevant equipment.

Program Requirements for Admission:

Program Application Required