Natural Resources Management


Program Manager:

Jeff Cooper


(208) 732-6405


Student Success Advisor Name:

Catrina Chapple

Student Advisor Phone:


Student Advisor Email:

Program Overview:

The Natural Resources Management program provides three separate pathways for those interested in outdoor-related careers managing rangeland, fisheries, and waterways. The program allows students to choose one or more of these emphases allowing them to develop job-specific skills. Employment can be found locally, and regionally, with the completion of the associate degree but students will also be prepared to transfer for more advanced degrees.

Program Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the Natural Resource Managementprogram, a student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate planning principles for sustainable resource management.
  2. Utilize mapping tools, such as GIS & GPS, to evaluate and inventory natural resources.
  3. Measure relevant parameters, in both a field and lab setting, using industry-grade technology.
  4. Evaluate the impacts and interactions of human and biological factors on various ecosystems.
  5. Apply understanding of state and federal laws pertaining to natural resource management.
  6. Communicate verbally, and in writing, an understanding of major natural resource management issues.

Career Information:

Rangeland Managers, Fishery Managers, Water Resource Managers, and related occupations.