Student Advising

The College of Southern Idaho provides advising services to prospective, current, and returning students. First-semester degree-seeking students are assigned to a Student Success Advisor (SSA) for assistance with degree planning and advising support resources. Students are transferred to their major faculty advisor once they have completed their first semester or at the department’s discretion. New CSI students are required to discuss their educational planning and goals with their assigned Student Success Advisor before registering for courses. The student advising process is a shared responsibility between the student and their Major Faculty Advisor/SSA.

Student advisee responsibilities include:

  • Learn about CSI program degree requirements, catalog, regulations, and instructional calendar information.
  • Schedule regular advising sessions with assigned Major Faculty Advisor/Student Success Advisor for appropriate course selection guidance, create a graduation plan, and receive up-to-date campus resources and support.
  • Make informed, timely decisions based on information contained in the CSI catalog and provided by your major advisor.
  • Log-in and access CSI email, NetPartner, MyCSI, and learning management system accounts.
  • Visit the CSI website for current events and updates.
  • Abide by all College policies, including the CSI Student Code of Conduct.

Major Faculty Advisor/Student Success Advisor responsibilities include:

  • Develop knowledge about admissions, course and program placement, and proactive advising philosophy.
  • Understand and explain relationships between degree requirements, CSI catalog regulations, and instructional calendar information.
  • Assist students with relevant career and workforce advice, proper course sequence selection, and articulation program agreements.
  • Maintain working knowledge relating to CSI email, NetPartner, MyCSI, and learning management system accounts.
  • Act as a referral resource to advisees to other CSI departments or community agencies as appropriate and necessary.
  • Assist students in selecting courses that reflect individual interests and are required or count toward degree/certificate completion.
  • Protect the privacy of students’ education records by adhering to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations.

Advising Center

Educational Advising. Advising Center staff provide assistance to first-semester students in the selection of a declared major and appropriate courses leading to a degree or certificate. Community members interested in enrichment courses are also encouraged to contact the Advising Center. In addition, the Advising Center provides on-going educational advising to Liberal Arts majors, students who are still deciding on a declared major, students who are considered at-risk, and non-degree seeking students.

Course Placement. Advising Center staff provide assistance to students with appropriate course placement in order to determine course prerequisites, program entry requirements, and the enhancement of student educational success.

Support Assistance. Advising Center staff provide major advisor referral assistance to connect students with various program offerings of interest. The Advising Center also serves as a resource to students, faculty, and staff with a variety of services, student support programs, and directory contact information.

For degree-certificate advising assistance, students should contact the Advising Center or their assigned Student Success Advisor (SSA).

For more information on the advising services available, go to or contact the Advising Center at (208) 732-6250.