Liberal Arts


Program Manager:

Advising Center


(208) 732-6250


Program Overview:

The Liberal Arts program is designed to allow students to create their own specialized pathway to their Associate’s Degree. In addition to completing CSI’s general education, students must also complete additional credits in content areas of their choice. This freedom allows students to design a degree to work specifically toward an intended vocation or to meet very specific requirements of various transfer institutions. The Liberal Arts program is not intended for students who are undecided or undeclared regarding a major, but rather provides an opportunity for students to customize an educational program to suit their individual needs.

Program Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the Liberal Arts program, a student will be able to:


  1. Think - use multiple approaches and terminologies to discuss, analyze, solve, interpret and create in disciplines.
  2. Communicate - transfer information using strategies appropriate to context and audience.
  3. Connect - explain how the different ways of knowing are interconnected; judge the appropriateness of using one or more ways of knowing to solve a problem or explore an issue; reflect on one’s progress as a generally-educated learner.
  4. Be well - explain the concept of wellness and apply dimensions of wellness.