CSI Honors Program

The Honors Program is open to full-time students just beginning at CSI or to those already in the process of completing a degree who hold and maintain a GPA of 3.5 or above. Admission to the Honors Program is a competitive process granted by application in the fall and the spring. Students in the Honors Program take Honors Seminar and Honors Reading classes in addition to general education honors coursework. The Honors Program also provides scholarship support through the Bordewick Honors Fellowship, community service opportunities, cultural enrichment opportunities, social functions, and assistance with transfer and résumé building. Honors Program students are also actively involved with the College of Southern Idaho’s Eagle View Lecture Series.

All students, regardless of major or enrollment status, are offered the option of taking honors coursework to satisfy their general education requirements (and, in select cases, some major specific courses as well). Students can recognize honors courses by the “H” following the section number of the course. These courses meet all of the same general education outcomes as their regular section counterparts, but go beyond the minimum to provide an enriched academic experience. All students can identify, recognize, and register for these courses through the general registration system. No extra signature or process is required for registration, although contacting individual instructors to inquire as to the nature of the content in the course is highly recommended.

In addition, all students are offered the option of working with individual instructors, at the discretion of the instructor, to form an “honors contract” that expands upon the coursework of any class on campus. These contracts develop any class on campus into an official honors class represented by an “H” on a student’s transcript. Students interested in pursuing this option should download an “honors contract” from www.csi.edu/honors and approach an instructor about working with him or her on the contract. Initial contracts should be returned to the Honors Program Director by the end of the 3rd week of the semester.

For complete information on the CSI Honors Program, including an application, visit the program website at www.csi.edu/honors or contact:

Brian Dobbs

Director of CSI Honors Program

Phone: (208) 732-6266